Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Love Yourself Quotes and Sayings (Photo's)

Loving one's self is an extremely important attribute to possess.  Self preservation is the first and most important law of the land. Most of the time, we become obsessed with being loved,  and having acceptance and confirmation from others.  With that being said, Love yourself quotes and sayings are in demand.  Especially on social media networks. Here are some love yourself quote photos  that I am completely fond of. 

This particular quote puts it all in to a great perspective. If you are comfortable with yourself then you will be more selective in the choices you make in life.  Especially with relationships; I think it is imperative that you be selective in who you choose  as a mate; or even as a friend.  As long as you know your self worth, you are less likely to settle for any thing.  With that being said, remember Love Yourself Enough To Never Lower Your Standards For Anyone. Have you ever questioned your own standards or felt as if your standards were outrageous? Please feel free to comment and even to leave your very own quote below.

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