Sunday, April 7, 2013

Don't Fall In Love...

Don't fall in love, fall off a bridge, it hurts less, is a great form of sarcasm via sad love quote. While, this quote is funny,  for some of us, oddly enough it's true. The worst thing about heart break is the fact that it seems to be a never-ending process. At least, someone else feels the same way that I do, I totally concur. 

One Day Someone Will Walk Into Yout Life......

Ever tried sleeping with a broken heart?; was not just some catchy phrase paired with an awesome tempo by Songstress Alicia Keys; for some of us this has become a sad reality suffered at the ugly hands of disgust, and emotional exhaustion. Heartbreak is one of the worst emotions to ever encounter. At its best description, it pales in comparison with or should I say direct correlation with the feeling of being hit by a bus, or even having all of the wind knocked out of you, literally.   While I could elaborate for months on end, about all of the madness a broken heart can subject one to; I've found that concentration geared towards mending a broken heart is much more sufficient. To remain optimistic these days I rely on positive motivation to move past the issues of anger, pain, and resentment. The relationship/ love quote featured in the photo above, is a positive out look on mending a broken heart. The brightside of the situation is toying with the fact that  one day someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Dont Hate You...I've Just Lost All Respect For You

There is nothing like falling out of love with a person. Once love no longer clouds the eye,you can finally begin to see them for the person they really are; not the person that you perceived them to be. Quiet as it's kept, the feeling is indescribable, and pretty much senseless; and when it's all said and done your feelings have now become so misplaced;  you can't even describe what your feeling. In most cases, negative thoughts and resentment consumes you. R and B songstress Rihanna  describes it perfectly as she refers to this feeling in her hit song numb. Once you numb, it's like the quote states, I Don't Hate You, I 've Just Lost All Respect For You. 

Sometimes It's Better To Push Someone Away... Broken Heart Quotes

Sometimes it's better to push someone away... Not because you stopped loving that someone...But because you have to shield yourself from pain... +Jatin Gohil shared this quote in a motivational quote community, and it is definitely true. This has became an unspoken rule from now on in my relationships, or lack there of.  

However, just as many decisions in life can have it's advantages and some disadvantages there are many factors to keep in mind here. Like the possibility of pushing away the right people in the process.
As for the advantage here I think is greater, simply because, if you never allow total access of your heart, your less like to have it broken. Feel free to share how you feel..Don't forget to share, share, share, and like me on facebook.

Ever Felt Like A Failure Quotes....

Ever felt like a failure? If your response to the question at hand is yes; then join the club, today has been absolutely relentless and we are barely through the a.m. I'm just asking god for the strength to make it through it. Coincidentally, I'm at a time in my life where everything seems to be going wrong.
Nevertheless, I am deciding to remain optimistic.  For this reason I think that this is a great motivational quote.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Love Yourself Quotes and Sayings (Photo's)

Loving one's self is an extremely important attribute to possess.  Self preservation is the first and most important law of the land. Most of the time, we become obsessed with being loved,  and having acceptance and confirmation from others.  With that being said, Love yourself quotes and sayings are in demand.  Especially on social media networks. Here are some love yourself quote photos  that I am completely fond of. 

This particular quote puts it all in to a great perspective. If you are comfortable with yourself then you will be more selective in the choices you make in life.  Especially with relationships; I think it is imperative that you be selective in who you choose  as a mate; or even as a friend.  As long as you know your self worth, you are less likely to settle for any thing.  With that being said, remember Love Yourself Enough To Never Lower Your Standards For Anyone. Have you ever questioned your own standards or felt as if your standards were outrageous? Please feel free to comment and even to leave your very own quote below.